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Utipro® Plus AF is the latest innovation in the management of Uncomplicated UTIs

Unique Dual Mode of Action

Working simultaneously in the bladder and intestine to control and prevent urinary tract infections

Natural ingredients

Well Tolerated

Can be used in conjunction with antibiotics

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Clinically Studied Formula

Utipro® Plus reduced the need for antibiotics.

9/10 patients with cystitis did not require an antibiotic with Utipro® Plus1

Improved the symptoms associated with cystitis1

Provided relief from the onset1

When taken prophylactically, reduced recurrences of UTIs2,3,4

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Why breaking the cycle of UTIs can start with your intestine?

The majority of uncomplicated UTIs originate from bacteria in the large intestine, making it an important target for the prevention of recurrent infections.

Utipro® Plus AF is currently the only non antibiotic treatment approach that effectively targets the source of infection in the intestine by creating a protective layer that reduces the growth of bacteria and their subsequent ascent into the bladder.1

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How does Utipro® Plus AF work?

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Xyloglucan is a mucoprotectant of plant origin.

Its fibrous composition makes it resistant to digestion.  When it arrives in the large intestine, its viscoelastic properties allow it to form a protective layer over the surface of the intestinal mucosa, reinforcing the integrity of the intestinal barrier.1

This reduces the adhesion of uropathogenic bacteria to the intestinal wall, which in turn reduces growth and proliferation of bacteria in the intestine.

The overall effect reduces transmission of bacteria outside of the intestine which may prevent  infection of the urinary tract.1

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Hibiscus & Propolis

Hibiscus, a type of plant and Propolis, a compound produced by bees both contain organic acids that mildly decrease urinary pH in the bladder.1

Infected urine contains large amounts of nitrite. Acidification of nitrite results in the formation of nitric oxide (NO) which creates an unfavourable environment for bacterial growth, helping to eliminate bacteria and control symptoms of cystitis.1

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